What You Can Expect at Startup Weekend


I am looking forward to helping people in Fukuoka launch their own business.  As everyone gets ready for the event, I want to give you a sense of what to expect. So think it is a good idea to introduce some Startup founders I have met at Startup Weekend San Diego. The first one I will introduce is Adrianna Herrera.

 Picture of Adriana Herrera

A Dream Career in Fashion
Adrianna has experience in the world of design and fashion. She also wants to make the world a better place – especially in the area of clothing. She combined her knowledge and passion to create Fashioning Change.

One problem in the world of fashion is that too many clothing manufacturers use child-labor or produce their clothes using materials and processes that are not environmentally safe. Fashioning Change helps people dress in the style they like, but support clothing suppliers that make environmentally-friendly clothes and pay living wages to employees.

Example of Two Clothing Options From Fashioning Change

Adrianna met her co-Founder Kevin Ball at Startup Weekend San Diego. Kevin is now in charge of web development at Fashioning Change. You can read about the company in TechCrunch.

Hopefully, this weekend in Fukuoka we can help launch great companies like this. Join us and see what it is like to launch your own business idea in one weekend.